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Kara and Kon, by Olga Ulanova and Rafael Albuquerque


Comic Book Meme: [1/5] Favorite Male Characters 

Terry McGinnis /// Batman Beyond

How did Bruce do this for so many years? Then I remember. He did it with discipline. Willpower. Psychosis. And the painkillers that are about to shut his liver down for good. I’m congratulating myself for getting out while I’m still young and can hopefully recover…when I remember something else. Others out there, fighting against impossible odds, for their city, for their families, even for me… They’ve taught me that, as long as there are people in need and we have the capability to help them…then that’s what we do.

'You can stop trying to convince me to leave, Batgirl. Nobody should work alone if they don't have to.’ ll BATMAN ETERNAL #15

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Cast attends the San Diego Comic-Con 2014

I think of how Damian died at the end of that cold steel blade every day… and not being there to hold him — hug him — tell him how proud I was to be his father one last time… I was too late to make a difference. Too late the hero.